While I am concerned about being found out, you should understand that it is not enough to keep me from trying. Plus, I have been doing what I do for quite a while and have really been pushing the boundary for a little over 3 years. It saddens me to say, but I am not very successful. Maybe it is because there is a subconscious part of me that understands that what I am doing is wrong. Maybe on some level, I am doing things to sabotage the success of my project. At any rate, I don’t think anyone will find this information and even if found, wouldn’t find it any more of a threat than a child writing nonsense in a diary.

For the past 3 years or so I have been a part of the D-Team (Distraction Team) focusing on theme parks. I am basically a wing of the specialty D-Team focusing on Walt Disney World and the Disney company as a whole. The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest and most influential divisions. It has become increasingly important as the years go by and their ability to get the job done has allowed them to take over other very important projects like Star Wars, Marvel, and most recently 21st Century Fox. These acquisitions gave the appearance of buyouts but in all actuality, the PTB (Powers that Be) had lost confidence in the individuals in charge of running these projects. I had researched for years which project I would like to undergo and I knew that covering such an important project in the overall plan would more than likely mean job security.

It has been a rough road because I was certainly not the only one to choose this path. The competition is fierce in the Disney branch of the D-Team. It is completely saturated! Everyone with a smartphone and a YouTube account is out there trying to do the same thing. Many times I have had to seek out part-time jobs to help supplement what I receive from this project. As I am writing this I see notifications from people who are succeeding in their projects. They have found a way to succeed and for that success are rewarded by The Disney Company and the PTB. They are given special passes to events, preferential treatment, and a heads up on any upcoming news. This is a huge advantage in our business. It is frustrating for those starting off like myself but we also understand that they have earned it.

A little about my little project. It is called Theme Park Brothers and consists of a YouTube Channel and website as well as the necessary social media pages and accounts through Facebook, Twitter, etc. It began as a way to contribute to The Plan by documenting our journeys (my wife and two boys) as we lived our life in Central Florida. I figured that we could have these memories later in life and that maybe people would enjoy watching them to the point that my project would be a success. We have grown slowly, and I have learned how to make the episodes more watchable. I still have a long way to go and we are still trying to find a way to connect with our audience. It has been a lot of fun doing the channel but also has been extremely frustrating. We will have plenty of time to get into these specifics.

I know that today seemed a little light. Not much in the overall dangerous conspiracy side of things but this is the way it needs to be. We need to build the foundation. We need to get your overall knowledge up to where many of the more nefarious deeds are more easily grasped and understood. This foundation will be the key to our success.



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