To say that we are having a difficult time adjusting to our move away from Florida and back to Ohio is an understatement. We really have not found our way since moving back home and this has been going on for quite some time. Here is something that I had written in April of this year.

Waking up this morning and seeing the dusting of snow on the ground and all of the cars in our apartment complex seemed strange but oddly familiar. We had spent the past 6 years of our lives where snow was only seen when visiting family and was not something that can be seen just by waking up in the morning from our own bed. We are no strangers to this having lived in Ohio for a majority of our lives, but somehow, now it seemed foreign. It was another reminder that our lives have taken a strange turn. In our attempt to come home and find happiness, family, and familiarity we have found only awkwardness and uneasy feelings. The snow this morning represented the overall blanket of emotions that I have been feeling since moving back to Ohio.

To make matters worse the D-Team had been covering the much-anticipated opening of Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World which prompted me to delete all social media apps from my phone for a week. Enough was enough. These people are good at what they do. They are good at distracting us from more important things in life by showing us videos of Slinky Dog Roller Coasters and new food options. The issue with this audience is that I know what they are doing and let’s face it a large part of me was still missing being a part of it all. The last thing to really open was Pandora: The World of Avatar and we were able to go to the Passholder Preview and enjoy the new addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom without all of the crowds. We are no longer locals. We are no longer special.

Now let’s cover some CI for a bit. I have explained that there are many distraction teams and that the D-Team is but one very powerful and influential team. They approach things from a fun angle, an entertaining angle if you will. This team hits people in the heart with nostalgia and family fun. Not all teams operate under this innocent umbrella as you can imagine. One such team that does not have the best reputation is the P-Team. This is the Politics Team. They will use any trick in the book to make the public change direction. They will resort to anything to pit one against another. They can tear apart families and lifelong friendships. The P-Team is able to reach into peoples emotions in a way that only one other team has come close to achieving. I will give you an example of something that I know the P-Team was responsible for just a few days ago. I almost fell victim to the lie and made a few enemies along the way.

There was a post on Facebook where a gentleman claims that a neighbor put a note on his door instructing him to take down his American Flag. He goes on with a diatribe about how American he is and has a right to fly his flag and the typical rambling. This gets the far right of this country all up at arms(which they have a right too, 2nd Ammendment and all) and they share and share and share. This video gets so much attention and makes the owner of the video and the Facebook page sharing the video a lot of attention and more than likely profits. Not only do they profit but they do what they had set out to do which was to distract us all and pit half of us against the other. Chances are that the note was written by the person doing the video. Chances are that there was no neighbor or if there was he was also in on it. Do we ever stop to think that could be a possibility? No, because they make it look so real and they hit us in the very reactionary part of our brain. The ultimate irony would be if they were liberals and they used all of the exposure and profits to fund further projects to spread their agenda on the left. I almost fell victim as I said by challenging the validity of the post on a share by a family member. All that would have done was to feed into the hysteria and started friction between me and family members that I care about and who I believe to be great people. They, in my opinion, had been misled but it was not my place to mention it and they would not have believed me. That is why I don’t have much fear in this blog being shut down. THEY know that no one will believe this nonsense that I am spewing. The lies are often times easier to believe than the truth.

I will leave you with this bit of advice. Be careful what you believe. Be careful what you react to because it get’s down to our very core to start messing with our political beliefs. We may bend on many things but not on politics. That is why the P-Team is very effective. You have to be pretty intense to be a part of that team and I just don’t have the stomach for it. My blood pressure shoots sky high and I try my best to avoid it like the plague. Next time we will cover the other team that can give the P-Team a run for their money in the reaction and distraction department. I’m pretty sure you can already guess who that may be. I will give you a hint: The R-Team.


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