I shouldn’t be writing this. My nerves are shot. This is a very dangerous idea but seems like a necessity as I break things down in my mind. What if they find out? Well, that would be the end for sure. Not quite able to fathom the things that could happen. I have a difficult time digesting the things I have seen, the hinting of the things that I have not seen. My mind tries to wrap around the information that is constantly fed into it with very little luck. I feel that I must get down everything I can while it is still somewhat fresh in my mind. The people we are dealing with here seem to have a way to “fix” everything. I already feel some of my memory fading, as if slowly being wiped from the hard drive. I can almost see the green progress bar going across the screen of my mind. This scares me. It scares me because even deeper than the fear of being found out is the fear that this behavior will continue. The fear that without these notes the very projects that I have been asked to be a part, the selfish and evil plots that have been contrived in closed-door meetings, the underhanded downright sinister outline that is being followed will continue unquestioned.

Questions? I’m sure you are full of them at this point. I will do my best to explain everything but understand that even though I know too much and almost enough, there are still many gaps that need to be filled. Hopefully though this journal I will be able to capture the memory of events that have not been excavated and wiped from my brain. The still very vivid memory of my life for the past 20 years. Getting all of this down can serve us moving forward as more questions get answered. Why are they doing this? Who are they? Who does it effect? I can answer the last question simply, it affects everyone! There is not an individual on this planet that this scheme, this ongoing series of events does not affect. That means you…interested now?

My writing may seem strange at times, even a little all over the place. Understand that I am fighting years of regret at the things I have already been a part of while dealing with the fact that my work is still going as I try to understand the inner workings and how it may all be brought to an end. That is a lot for the mind to take. I still believe that they are on to me and that slowly my brain is not completely my own. Do I think they have the ability to control my thoughts? No, well I don’t think so. I wouldn’t put it past them but for now, I think it is about slowly erasing my thoughts. It is about doing so systematically so that it appears to be a naturally occurring event. You know what I am talking about. It has been happening for years and we are made to blame our age or some degenerative disease. We simply think it is part of growing older. What if I told you that I have seen the science that showed proof that the brain functions the same no matter the age unless acted upon by outside forces, THEM?

One goes through life gaining knowledge. They see things, they hear things, they don’t always understand what they are hearing or seeing but the brain works behind the scenes to piece things together. We are often very close to uncovering things. Things that I am trying to explain, things that we would be better off not piecing together but mankind needs us to uncover. The more knowledge that we feed our brain the closer we are to figuring things out. Now they have not figured out a way to manipulate the brain, that I know of, but they have figured out a way to erase crucial information so that solving the puzzle becomes more difficult, if not impossible. That’s why some lose their memories sooner than others. They have gained more information (intelligence), or at least more crucial intelligence. Once someone’s CI (crucial intelligence) level reaches a certain point it must be lowered. We see it as simple memory loss and try to combat it with herbs and supplements, which again feeds into the overall project. In severe cases where CI is rising quickly, we see it as diseases and we call it dementia or Alzheimer’s.

That might be enough information for today as we do not want a noticeable spike in your CI. Can you believe that it is someone’s job to monitor this? If we do not move slowly they will be notified and I will, most definitely be eliminated, and you will lose memory of this and possibly memories that you would like to keep. The memory targeting program is not always as accurate as it should be. Try to take in what has been mentioned today. Process it and move about your life. Don’t give it a huge priority because memories and thoughts are prioritized and this prioritization can also lead to higher than usual CI levels. You are just going to have to trust me. While we are in a race against time we must make sure that we do not tip our hand. I understand completely anyone who would choose to stop reading at this point. You will be completely safe with the information that I have given you. It is nowhere near enough. If you do decide to continue with me I will be careful to only give just enough information each time to keep us off the radar. Goodbye to some and for the rest of you, hold on it’s definitely going to be an interesting journey.

Sorry to seem vague but it is for the best. Answers will come.

The secret of patience is to do something else in the meantime.

–Croft M Pentz


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